Joey Lange is a bread-baker, apiarist, gardener, golfer, actor, stage manager, and software developer living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Joey has worked for (you may have heard of them), Loup (you probably haven't heard of them), SnapShip (you definitely haven't heard of them), and most recently Ever Loved (if you haven't heard of them, you should!). He's on the hunt for his next move as we speak.

While currently employed full-time, Joey also takes contract work from time to time. He's pretty handy in the space of web development and iOS app development, and is familiar both with AWS and the Google Cloud platform.

He really enjoys working to empower others to leverage technology to achieve their goals, anywhere from high-performance compute platforms for scientific research to finding a technical solution to some zany practical effect in a community theatre setting.

Not one for writing regularly, in a longform sense, he's instead opted to write about himself in the third person on this page and link to various online presences he maintains.

Wanna talk? Email him.

Hire me! I'm looking for a job. I feel confident that my skills and personality will be a benefit to your organization. Please visit my LinkedIn or email me.